Heart of a Warrior By Jack E. Dawson

A couple months ago my brother and I were at the Great Passion Play attraction in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.  While we were there we came across an art exhibit of a Christian painter from near Joplin, Missouri by the name of Jack Dawson.  The painting that really caught my eye in the exhibit was “Heart of a Warrior.”  His paintings are full of christian symbols.  In this painting, Jesus is represented by the soldier, the toy lamb in his hand, and the face in the rock on the right side of the image, for example.  The description of the $5 copy I got reads

“The heart of a true warrior celebrates freedom for all.  Driven by a passion to relieve suffering and set captives free, the warrior goes to battle for others’ good, even at the cost of his own life.  The anguished face of captivity appears in the rock beside him as he kneels at edge of the world, reaching out in freedom’s name to those crying out for liberty.  A child approaches, trusting the extended hand that gave him the cookie he holds.  Now it offers another gift, a toy lamb that represents the sacrifice of Jesus, the Lamb of God.  His own wounded and bandaged fingers proclaim ‘I love you’ in sign language.  The strong left hand defends ‘old glory,’ wind torn and bullet riddled, but still flying on its broken staff.  His weapons are ready for battle, but the warrior is equipped for ministry.  Beside him grow five poppies, honoring the dedication of the five branches of service.  As the light of Lady Liberty reaches out to the ‘tired poor huddled masses yearning to breathe free,’ the spirit of freedom rises from the smoke of the twin towers forming a cross that conveys the greatest freedom, God’s grace and mercy.”

He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners. – Luke 4:18


Heart of A Warrior - Jack E. Dawson


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