No More Windows Live Writer?

I remember like it was yesterday being introduced to Windows Live Writer – A software bundled with 4 other apps called the “Windows live essentials” suite that you install on your computer.  Windows Live Writer was it’s application for blogging so you can easily update your blogs and not have to do it on the sluggish interfaces on your blog’s website, and can easily update 2 or more blogs.

I recently unfortunately learned that even though Windows Live Writer is the best desktop based blogging software, Microsoft is unfortunately trying to slowly get rid of it, which is quite unfortunate, plug-ins don’t even work on it hardly anymore either, lol.  2 plugins I liked using on windows live writer are a facebook and twitter plugin so that after I published a post it automatically posted the link to twitter and facebook, lol.  It won’t do that anymore unfortunately.  So now it’s time to start looking for new blogging programs.  What fun, lol.  In the end I may just do what I been doing the past few months – use windows live writer to create the post, but publish it to my blog as a draft.  than going to the blog’s site to officially post it – this way it will post the links to facebook and twitter. lol.


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