What Is The True Cause of Our Poor Economy

I was browsing online earlier on a couple of my favorite online shopping websites, and it dawned on me how if you are just browsing and not looking for anything in particular, online shopping isn’t the way to go.  However, these days when you go into a physical store and just want to browse there is nothing to really browse at.  CDs and blu-rays and DVDs are still being manufactured and sold, but lately when you go into walmart or best buy you don’t find much variety of them to choose from anymore, but you can find all sorts of them on their websites.  Unfortunately you have to know what you are looking for when shopping online.  The government is causing our economy to slowly collapse, yes – but I think this new trend of shopping online that started about 10 years ago is also causing the economy to eventually collapse as well.  When stores cut down on their variety to get browsers to buy, nobody buys anything.  they aren’t going to shop online because they don’t even have a clue what they are looking for, therefore aren’t going to buy anything at all causing their dollar not being spent anywhere that would help keep our economy moving.  I don’t buy very many CDs or movies anymore, and I think this is why.  If I don’t even know it’s there for me to look at and take an interest in it to buy it or even think about buying it, why would I even go online to try to find it?  something to think about.  I miss the days of the record shops.  I haven’t seen one in years!  they always got my money, lol.


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