New Logo Contest for the Northark Pioneers athletic department

I am taking Adobe Illustrator in college this semester.  I currently am in my 4th semester and I have one more to go!  yay!!!

The college is celebrating it’s 40th anniversary this year, and as part of the celebration they are having a contest for the Northark Pioneers athletic department.  My teacher assigned us this project in hopes that one of us in our class will win.  Here are the 4 choices I created.  The top 2 are probably my favorite ones out of the 4 that seem more athletic type logos.  When I think of pioneer I think of “pioneering” – looking to the future.  so I thought of futuristic things and technology – hence the satellites and satellite dishes in these images and the futuristic “Northark Pioneers” text in the second logo.  The top 2 are what I have submitted to the committee, but  I also should have submitted the 4th one.  I like that one too for an athletic logo, but I couldn’t submit them all.  What do you guys think?

Print  pioneers-logo-choice-2

Print   pioneers-logo-choice-4


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