Technology and the Cloud

It’s amazing how advanced technology is getting.  Some of it is good and some of it is obviously scary and I don’t want to be a part of the scary stuff, lol – but this idea of the “Cloud” is very cool!

I recently bought and installed Quicken since Microsoft is no longer updating Microsoft Money, and it’s amazing what I can do with it!  What transactions I input into the program on my computer is automatically uploaded to “the cloud” and I can view it on my app on my Samsung Galaxy S III smart phone.  and whatever transactions I input in that app will automatically download to the program on my computer.  very cool way to keep updated on my finances no matter where I am at.  I don’t have to write down what I have left on my credit before going to best buy or target anymore! lol.

With Microsoft OneDrive I can upload files I want to share with others and than send them the link to it, or even view it on my phone.

If I had the money I’d even have cloud service for my music, lol.  but I have 162gb of music lol. but not to worry:  I bought a new laptop last week and this thing is the most efficient PC I ever owned.  talk about blazing fast!  to convert a 1 hour video took 2 minutes instead of the 2 hours I’m familiar with.  and it’s got a 1tb hard drive, and I thought what the heck am I going to do with that kind of space on an internal hard drive – but I thought I’d put my videos and music on it, so I’m currently using 382gb of it because of that lol.  I may even put my portfolio on it somewhere so that way I’m constantly carrying my portfolio with me – even though I have a copy of my portfolio on my smart phone as well.  Got to love how convenient technology allows us to be.


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