T-N-T Group Lock-In

I had the awesome opportunity last night to help out at the lock-in for the Awanas T-N-T group for my church last night.  I feel extremely fortunate and blessed to have Alpena First Baptist Church as my church family.  They are an amazing bunch of people and kids there.

Got to hear several testimonies and see several kids accept Jesus Christ as their personal lord and saviour last night.  And that’s really what it’s all about.

A couple weeks ago I was helping at the sparkies lock-in and after talking with one of the other leaders I felt convicted to be a better leader and help direct these kids more toward God.  I’m not a great leader or teacher at all.  I’m a quiet person who keeps to myself mostly. I often don’t even have a clue when to step up and tell kids when to be quiet and behave etc, but it’s one thing I do pray to God for guidance for.  In a world that’s so corrupt and immoral anymore, we as adults need to step up and try to guide and direct the younger generations to live better and morrally straight lives.  I don’t have much experience with kids besides being a part of my step children’s live since they were 9 and 10, so I feel God has placed me in that church and to help out with Awanas for a reason. And I feel blessed to be a part of those kids lives – even if I’m just a small part.

It was pretty much an all nighter last night, but it was definitely will worth it.  some of the other leaders stayed up all night, and so did some of the kids.  I however couldn’t stay up all night so I got probably 2 1/2 hours of sleep or so – and I am about ready for bed now, lol.


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