Whether You Like It Or Not, God Is Real and Evolution Theory Is A Joke

I feel convicted to start making more posts that explains why a belief in God is perfectly healthy and ok.

You have some people these days who promote this “new-atheism” way of thinking: that Christians are delusional and a belief in God is unhealthy.  People like Richard Dawkins make me sick, especially when they really push down our throats how God is not real. and I pray for people like him everyday.  I read a biography about him yesterday, and when he was a kid he was Christian, so what happened to him?

How am I delusional, when I take a look around and I notice that it is pretty obvious God exists?  when I pray and prayers get answered?  How am I delusional?  and so you basically trying to tell me we are here by some chance? prayers are answered by chance?  really?  that the world is just accidently perfect for us to live and breathe on?  that child prodigies are just accidently gifted?  that is just obvious ignorance that makes no sense.

I think atheists just want a way to just do whatever they want and not feel convicted to do the right thing.  that’s why they denounce a higher power.  you all want proof of God’s existence, just wake up and take a look around.  the proof is in the trees, the gifts we have, the air we breathe.  And I give you even more proof: if you put parts of a watch in a bag and shake it up will a watch come from it? no.  Someone put it together.  the innovations we have did not create themselves, and couldn’t create themselves.  it comes from SOMEONE who came up with it.  Which makes it much more clearer that God exists.  If it is anyone who is delusional, it’s an atheist that tells me there is no proof of God’s existence and tells me having a belief in God is unhealthy.


4 thoughts on “Whether You Like It Or Not, God Is Real and Evolution Theory Is A Joke

  1. yea, I can kind of see that. And I think only an idiot would want to try to discredit God and the power of God. And as far as I’m concerned, the state has no power, even though they think they do, but in all honesty – they have none. we have the right to take politicians out of office, but these days when they are in office they think they can control us when they don’t. Through Jesus Christ I am free. I have the right to do what do whatever I want as long as it’s moral. however, I don’t see government doing that – they want to steal our rights from us. I can’t even have a business without paying licenses, taking classes, getting business permits for example. that ain’t being free. the state has no power – only God has the power.

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