RIP Robin Williams

I remember growing up and watching any movie with Robin Williams. If it had Robin Williams in it, I just had to see it. Up to this very day, his movies are ones I have to see. He had such an impact on my life. One of my first interests as a kid growing up was acting, and Robin Williams was one of the many reasons why. he was extremely talented and could play anybody or anything. He had terrific acting skills, comedic skills, and even mime skills.

I didn’t even know he battled depression, that’s sad to hear. I fight depression from time to time, as do a lot of us. I battled it even more when I was younger. Some say it’s caused by a chemical imbalance, but I think one’s situations they are dealing with also cause it. In my early 20s I battled it because I felt alone. These days I still battle it, but luckily I found God and so prayer helps me get through it along with really close Christian friends.

Life is too short, and you will run through some tough times. You may as well make the best of it as best that you can.


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