I Have A Love Hate Relationship With Computer Technology

If you hate computer technology at times, raise your hands. I’m sure that each one of you who comes across this article will believe me when I say that computers can be very evil. When they do what you want it’s great, but you just want to smash it when it doesn’t do exactly what you want, lol.

I recently tried to install the new Office 365 on my computer, but was told to uninstall my Norton for Office to install, but that still wouldn’t work. I than decided to reformat my computer and just start from scratch, Office installed than, however I now have a few other new issues come up that didn’t occur before my pc reformat. My lock screen settings don’t show up right, and my windows 8.1 photos app don’t work correctly. Looks like I’ll be starting from scratch yet again sometime soon. Fun Fun, lol.


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