On This Day of Thanksgiving, I Would Like To Give Thanks To 4 Industries

On this day of thanksgiving, I want to give thanks to 4 industries that don’t get much thankfulness. 1 in particular that some of you don’t think deserve any respect on thanksgiving. These industries are of course our military – they fight for our freedoms everyday and can’t be with family on thanksgiving; Health care workers – where are you going to go if you got sick or hurt on thanksgiving if not one hospital or health care provider were open on thanksgiving? Restaurants – where would people go for thanksgiving dinner if they are not able to cook? And yes, retailers. Yes, you heard me correctly. I said retailers. Some of you think it’s stupid how retailers can’t have thanksgiving because of the black friday events, and want to boycott retailers for not letting their families stay home for thanksgiving. Look at it from this angle: do you like our economy? do you like to keep it growing? Our economy is just as important as our military and our health care workers. Without the economy how are we able to keep our bills paid and provide for our families or help those less fortunate? If it weren’t for the retailers and business, we really wouldn’t have much of an economy now would we? Now I know what you are thinking: “forget the retailers and business, they are greedy.” – but if you really honestly sit and think about it, they aren’t really necessarily greedy. just trying to make a profit to stay out of bankruptcy. wouldn’t you like to make enough money to stay away from bankruptcy? Black Friday is called “black” friday for a reason – it’s the only day of the whole year that retailers get there profits out of the red and into the black in order to stay afloat. if they were to lose money and go bankrupt than it hurts our economy. Am i for the black friday sale items? not necessarily. most are junk items that retailers are able to get cheap for a reason – they are the lowest grade items from a manufacturer but hey – the junk items bring the customers in because they think it’s a great deal. This is what the retailers need to stay afloat, and if they stay afloat so than does our economy. So instead of being hateful of Walmart, JC Penny, Target, or other stores that participate in black friday, because your family members have to work, be thankful for them as well. It’s them that keep our economy going, even during rough times.


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