Benefits In Owning A Tablet

Recently I had decided to purchase a Tablet PC. Up until the time I made my purchase, I kept thinking to myself, “Why do I really need one? What would I use it for when everything I can do on it I can do on my phone?”

Well, here is exactly the benefits of purchasing a Tablet PC:

  1. Obviously the bigger screen – you can see things better on it compared to a phone screen
  2. It can be your E-Reader device: I have started using mine to do my daily bible study. It’s much more portable and easier to carry with you and very light. And when you’re working out of a book trying to learn computer software, sometimes those pages in those big bulky books don’t want to stay. Even the smaller computer books pages don’t want to stay. I can lean my Tablet on something, open the e-book copy of that particular book, and pages in the e-book will stay, lol!
  3. Doing some homework assignments: In one class of mine this semester we have study guides to save. I’ve been printing them off in order to follow along with it to fill out the answers while reading the chapters. Not anymore. I can view the study guide on the tablet and fill out the answers as necessary while reading the chapter.
  4. Playing games: you can play games on it.
  5. Keeping track of appointments/meetngs: you can add to your calendar.
  6. Checking e-mail, watching tv, taking notes, etc: all kinds of fun stuff you can do on it – and you don’t even have to spend all day in your computer chair.
  7. You can access files on your main computer on certain tablets: My tablet has Windows 8.1, so does my laptop. Through sharing certain folders, I can access any file I wanted on my tablet over a wifi connection – as long as my laptop is in that wireless network range.


Samsung and other companies have also come up with a device called a “Smart Watch.” You can sync this thing to your phone and it will tell you when you got a text or phone call along with the time. Seems like a nifty device, but I don’t think I’d want one, although it would be kind of neat to have something telling me I have a call when my phone isn’t nearby for me to hear it, but also depends on the range they have – if my phone is too far away will it still tell me I have a text or call?


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