Sorry That I Been Away So Long

Hello to all of my fans and followers! I’m sorry that I been away for so long! I have been moving all of my blog posts to Microsoft Word since Windows Live Writer is no longer being updated, and half of the plug-ins I used with it won’t work anymore, I decided to just switch over to using MS Word’s blog post feature. I didn’t want to make more posts to have to move into different folders later, so I decided it was best and easier to not make anymore posts in the meantime until I was finished converting the old posts over.

I know what you’re thinking: Why convert them if they are already posted anyway? Well, the reason being is because I don’t want to keep Windows Live Writer installed if I can’t really do much with the plug-ins with it, and in a lot of recent posts done on Windows Live Writer, I had to publish it as a draft and go onto the blog sites to publish them in order for them to be automatically shared. And for posterity purposes, if I uninstall LiveWriter, I can’t view the blog posts on my computer later if I wanted, so I needed to convert them to Word documents.

So here I am, I’m back for your blog viewing pleasure, for those of you who have missed seeing my posts these past few months!


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