Senseless Cop Shootings

Ok, here’s how I feel on these stupid cop shootings: apparently another black person got shot and killed by a cop in South Carolina. The cop got fired and put in jail. Should these cops use lethal force? Probably not. They have tasers for a reason. However, with that being said – they doing their job and what they are trained to do. They are trained to get a suspect to stop at any means necessary. This cop told this suspect to stop but instead of stopping the guy ran from the cop so the cop shot him! I’m sorry, but whether you did something wrong or not, if a cop (or any authority for that matter) tells you to stop YOU STOP! quit blaming cops for what they are doing. regardless if it’s wrong or right what they are doing, that’s not the point. the point is if a cop tries to stop you THAN YOU STOP! use some common sense people! If you stop when told, than these senseless shootings wouldn’t be occurring!


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