What Is Popular Culture?

Popular culture is really anything that is popular or shapes society in some way, despite how ridiculous some of the things might be.  Remember pet rocks?.  Whether it involves movies, TV shows, music, video games, comic books, etc. It is all a form of popular culture.  Popular culture is important because if you don’t know anything about any of it, some people will probably just frown on you, and unfortunately, some things in pop culture we don’t agree with.  There is a lot of pop culture these days I don’t agree with because of the negative impact on our society.  Miley Cyrus as an example, is a bad influence on young girls.

Popular culture is also very important because these days, it affects who we become.  It shapes our careers.  We may see a great show or movie and want to become filmmakers or actors.  We may hear great songs that influence us to become musicians.  We may even see parts in movies that influence us to become something a movie is based on.  Space movies influence people to become astronauts, racing movies influence people to want to become racers, for example.

There are several different popular culture artifacts, where should one start?  For me, on a personal level, I’ll choose the film “Back To The Future.”  I saw it for the first time in 1990 when I was 10 years old, and I was hooked.  Ever since, I wanted to become a filmmaker.  I thought it was very amazing all of the things involved, in making a story on paper become visual and realistic looking.  I have yet to become a filmmaker, but I still have dreams of making one great film.  That’s the impact the film made on me, but look at the impact it’s made on the world: even though there hasn’t been a film made for the series since 1990, it has inspired people to want to buy DeLorean cars (even though the company ultimately went under, the car became massively popular because of the franchise), there are fan based discussion groups and websites all over, back to the future events held worldwide, and sometimes at comic-con events, people will dress like their favorite “Back To The Future” character.  When I attended a “Back To The Future” showing at a local movie theater on October 21st, 2015, there were several dressed in their favorite film character outfit, and one person even had a replica hoverboard.



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