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We Overconsume Way Too Much

I believe the economy is important.  Without the economy we would have no jobs to go to which help pay the bills and allows us to have a roof over our head.  Remember the great depression and how people lived because of no economy?  However that was caused because of the overconsumption lifestyle we lived during the roaring 1920s.  There are pros and cons to the economy of course, but I still feel it’s very important.  However, we as Americans do consume way too much stuff.  We are running out of resources too quickly.  I agree with what Annie Leonard had to say in the “Story of Stuff” video entirely (Leonard, 2007).  She makes a lot of good points.  We need to really reconsider our buying habits.  We definitely overconsume, which takes away resources that our planet needs to survive and give us life.  We should really rethink our strategy.

I do believe those of the older generations were more concerned about the environment than we are today, and back in those days there weren’t any environmental agencies.  According to a poll on MSNBC, 76% of millennials believe they care more about the environment than their parents.  I tried to find articles referring to their grandparents, but couldn’t find any.  I personally believe people were more concerned about the environment during our grandparents days though compared to now.  They reused everything and stocked up on things and didn’t overconsume.

Yes, Watching so much television because we are tired is bad for us.  It causes us to overconsume because we see things on the tv we want, but don’t necessarily need.  Which causes to work more than we should in order to pay for the junk we don’t need.

Yes, the government may be for the people and by the people, but should we really expect them to make laws forcing us to not over consume, protect our environment, and recycle?  No.  Forcing people to do the right thing makes them not want to even more.  But if you give them a choice, most people will do the right thing.

This video hit home for me.  When I worked a regular job, I was very depressed.  I felt like my life had no meaning.  I wasn’t happy with my job, only making minimum wage and working part time and not having much to show for it.  I was also in my 20s and early 30s holding jobs that I had no chance of a real career in.  I felt like a failure to the world, and that I wasn’t even important.  I felt like another waste on society.  All I would do is go home and work, and I couldn’t do much else to better myself because of that work.  A tornado destroyed a grocery store I was working at which allowed me to go back to school in 2012, and ever since I’ve been a part of things.  I’m more involved in actitvities going on in my community.  I feel much happier as a person, and not like a failure anymore.  Having money and overconsuming isn’t important; however being able to be with your family, and friends, and helping out where you can in your community is.

I don’t believe or agree with this overconsumption mentality.  We need to recycle as much as we can and even re-sell or donate things we don’t use or need anymore, and I do this as much as I can.  As far as television goes, I do like to watch it as well, however get rid of anything that shows these ads.  I do not subscribe to cable or satellite for shows, therefore I get none of these ads.

As a business person, and capitalist though I also understand the business man’s point of view as well.  They have to market themself in order to sell their products, or else they go bankrupt and out of business, causing them to not have a job and be homeless.  Which is why economy is important.  So we need marketing, but we don’t need overconsumption, but than the marketing leads to overconsumption because it causes you to buy buy buy.  Maybe if that marketing presented something telling people to re-sell or donate their old item when they buy a new one?  Maybe if that marketing even presented something telling people to buy only when absolutely necessary. But will that keep a business in business very long?  Remember the old maytag commercials with the bored maytag man?  He was bored because nobody bought new washers and dryers because they lasted a long time.  I don’t have the answers.  I don’t know what will work.  I do believe we should rethink our habits, but not cause people to lose their jobs over it as well.


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Don’t Recognize Myself These Days

I do not know what to say or think on things currently. I do not know how to take my success I have been given. There are so many emotional thoughts going on through my brain. Growing up, I was never a part of anything. I was always bullied, and the last one chosen for anything. Lots of times I even sat out during PE class and read a book because of constant harassment. I was a very quiet, shy, and introverted person. And when people in high school would pick on me just for fun, I wouldn’t know it because of how bullied I was when I was younger. Yes, I felt like a total loser growing up. I didn’t even go to my own prom. I graduated high school in 1999 toward the bottom of my class, and then went straight to work after graduation. Working a dead end grocery store job that barely paid for anything, and then going on to a dead end night shift job at Walmart where it felt like the movie “Groundhog Day.” Other jobs I would have would have the same effect. I would go to work, and then come home, and the next day do it over again. Nothing very exciting. I was constantly depressed because I felt there was something more to life than just that. I had desires of running my own business and doing media work but didn’t see any way or chance how. I just felt lousy as a human being. I just felt like a lonely retail stocker that wasn’t important.

My life has been changing these past couple of years (especially this last year) and I just don’t know what to think about it or how to handle it. What my life is like now is not the Mike Irvan I know, and don’t get me wrong – I am 100% proud of myself for what I have accomplished in my life the last couple years. I just don’t know how to deal with it or take it. For the first time in my life I feel successful and for the first time in my life my dad told me he’s proud of me. My last semester at Northark College I made the Dean’s list, I took a test one of my teachers suggested I should take and ended up 2nd place in the state of Arkansas for that test, which allowed me to go to the National PBL Conference in Chicago this last week. I didn’t even go to any of the PBL meetings so didn’t consider myself a member, and I was shocked I got 2nd place in the state competition. I don’t win at anything. So I was able to go to a major competition event for the first time in my life, and felt like I was a part of something. I felt accepted as part of their team. It was an amazing experience. I even got a chance to go on the stage to sub for somebody else which was pretty cool, and I also got to finally go into the Sears tower, and walked onto the ledge – which was intense! It was amazing!

And on top of that, a couple of great people from church hired me to do video work for their production company. I am now accomplishing things I have always wanted to do, I just never saw how. I can’t even recognize this new Mike Irvan. I now feel like I’m apart of things that are important and not doing the same old depressing grind.

God got a hold of me a couple of years ago, and my life hasn’t been the same ever since. I just wish certain people I’m close to in my life who I love dearly would be proud of me for the accomplishments I’ve made in my life instead of just ignoring me because of other mistakes I make in my life.

“I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me.” – Philipians 4:13

“Life Moves Pretty Fast. If you don’t stop to look around for a while, you could miss it.” – Ferris Bueller

‘Handi-Capable’ talent contest to hold Arlington auditions |

By Robert Philpot

Posted 3:13pm on Wednesday, May. 20, 2015

Ronnie Hurst likes to joke that the photo of him and Rachael Lynee Burns is the “beauty and the beast” photo, then cracks, “but she’s not that bad.”

But she is the beauty, with the pageant cred to back it up: She was crowned Miss Texas International 2014 on March 16, 2014, and she has earned several other Miss Texas International and Miss Texas Galaxy honors since 2010.

She’s also a ballet dancer. Hurst is her manager, a guy with more than two decades of management experience in the entertainment industry, including a stint in the ’90s managing Elvis tribute artist Michael Wroughton, producing dinner theater shows, and writing, directing and producing a show in Branson, Mo.

To read the rest of the article, please go to  Handi-Capable’ talent contest to hold Arlington auditions |


This is a new program that is great and needs to be out there! It’s a talent show much like American Idol or America’s Got Talent but showcasing handicapped folks. There are several folks out there who are talented and have disabilities and end up getting discriminated against in the entertainment world because of being handicapped. This is wrong! You don’t have to be perfect to be talented. If you have a disability and have a talent, this show is for you! For more details, please visit the show’s facebook page at or check out their website at to see where they will be holding auditions at! You can also view a short three minute clip explaining what this show is about by visiting Please help spread the word about this amazing show!

“You Don’t Have To Be Perfect To Be Talented”